Praveen Kumar

developer & ux architect

about me

Who am I? Why am I here?

I am Praveen Kumar, and I am a Web Developer, Graphics Designer and a User Experience Architect, employed by an MNC. I work on web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and during my free time, I would create some applications in PHP, and ASP. I love working on Microsoft products as well as dedicating to the Open Source Community!

This techiness in me grew from my 2nd standard of my schooling, when I first played my Dangerous Dave game and started working on stuffs like EDIT and DIR! In short, I started with Visual Basic 6 in my 6th and right now, a Web Developer, with 5+ years of hobby experience in 3-tier architecture stuffs.

Viewers, behold, I am just in my 20s! I try to think something innovative and develop some crap, which ultimately gets goofed up. Anywayz, I love internet and web development, so will be working on something new in those areas.

I would love to be a trainer or a teacher, as teaching is a divine stuff, where you gain and let others too gain! My ultimate aim in life is setting up my own Research Labs, and making it from Virtual to Physical! Did I say, I found PraveenTech Research Labs? And that's it about me!!!


  • University of Leicester / MS (Cloud Computing)
  • 2006-2010
  • Anna University / Bachelor of Engineering (CSE)
  • 2006-2010
  • S. M. J. V. H. S. School / Higher Education
  • 2004-2006
  • K. P. C. V. S. S. School / Secondary Education
  • 1999-2004
  • K. S. V. S. S. School / Primary Education
  • 1992-1999
  • Pre School / Playing & Learning
  • 1991-1992


  • TCS Innovation Labs / UX Architect
  • 2010-2013
  • RMD Engineering College / Project Associate
  • 2010-2010
  • Ashok Leyland Ltd / Front-End Developer
  • 2009-2009
  • CS Industries / Developer
  • 2009-2009
  • Southern Railway / Designer & Developer
  • 2008-2008
  • PraveenTech Research Labs / CMD
  • 1998-Present


I was working with TCS for the past three years. My work is to convert the images into a valid (X)HTML and CSS, with Cross Browser Compatibility across IE 7+, Firefox, Chrome and other standard browsers. Most of the projects would be Enterprise Applications.

Working on CSS is my expertise. I have learnt a lot in finding the issues with the layout engine of old Internet Explorer browsers and make them work with the desired box model and layout. I have started working with the awesomeness of CSS3.

It is also my work to handle the interactions, which do not require a server response. I work on jQuery and make the interactions usable. The maximum I have done is using AJAX to get the response from the server in JSON format, manipulate it and render it on the browser, with some good effects.

I have also used faye and tried out getting live desktop notifications using WebKit Notifications API in Chrome.


  • Photoshop / 7 years experience
  • jQuery / 5 years experience
  • WordPress / 3 years experience
  • HTML5 / 2 years experience
  • CSS3 / 2 years experience
  • MySQL / 2 years experience
  • PHP / 5 years experience


  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications Development
  • Front End Engineering
  • Web Application Development
  • Windows 8 Apps Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Print Media Designer
  • Promotional Videos Editor



If you wish to send me a message or speak with me, just a click ahead! :)